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Hi, my names George and I'm a chronic reader. Is there a 12 step program for this condition? I am reading 3 different books right now and I have a stack of magazines at least a foot high to read. Thankfully, I'll be taking a week off work soon-hopefully I'll catch up:-)

Greg Pitman

I finally gave up reading more than one book at a time. We also have stacks of magazines around the house. On the rare occasion that I don't have a book ready to pick up, I try to read as much as I can of the "Smithsonian", "PCWorld", "Sunset", "NScale" and various cooking mags and catalog stacks that reside around the house.

I am only aware of one cure,and it's a sad one. During one of my last conversations with my wonderful 96 year old aunt, she said that life had stopped having any pleasure for her when her eyesight failed to the point where she could no longer read. As a result, she refused to let doctors replace the batteries in her pacemaker, and when they failed, so did she.

I am sure that her recommendation would have been to enjoy it while you still can.

-The King of Dullsville


I found it interesting that you were careful not to offend liberal friends/readers because you observed that most cyclers are liberal. I thought that was true myself, and maybe it is. One day, long ago, I wrote a blog entry about the topic. Some commenters/cyclers wrote that they were definitely liberals, and some that they were not. I've had total strangers leave nasty politically-charged comments on my blog because of the perception that a guy who rides a bike like I do must be a flaming lefty who represents all that is evil in the world. That all ended when I revealed that I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon - then folks didn't know what to think - a gun-toting environmentalist. It's funny, on the other side of the token, I've seen some evidence that many runners, especially those over the age of 40, are quite conservative, especially on social matters. Something about being a liberal makes people like bikes, and being conservative makes people enjoy running.

Greg Pitman


I just wrote a looong response to this and then deleted it. I realized that I had gone off on a detailed political statement. I don't think it was an appropriate response to your comment.

I think the reason I made the "cyclists as liberals" comment was to make a gentle point that I am not of that persuasion anymore. Was once, but not now. Who knows, maybe that will change again as my life situation changes.

I was also attempting to say that I "try" to remain open to other points of view, and don't hate liberals. My experience of late when riding with other cyclists is that if the conversation takes a political direction, I seem to be the odd man out. And I hold my views just as strongly as the next guy.

I have also noted in the few blogs that I read, a willingness to make strong political statements. They are made with the conviction that the author is completely correct. I do not want to do that here. My political views are extremely mixed. I have found that when I really get going about what I believe, I manage to offend EVERYONE.

I would rather not alienate folks right out of the gate. People today have become so polarized, a simple statement can completely shape another's opinion of you. And it may not be the correct opinion.

I don't want people leaving "nasty politically-charged comments". We all share very common life experiences regardless of our political and religious views. I think we need to give those views a rest.


I agree. I used to have a political blog. But I discontinued it when it seemed that friends, relatives, and even my mother, were getting angry at me for some of the things I wrote. Like yours, most of my views are also unpopular. I'm mostly a libertarian - a lot of people like to make that claim (i.e. "the government should leave me alone"), but when real libertarian ideas are presented (including requisite personal responsibility), many get uncomfortable and even mad. This goes for liberals and conservatives alike. Anyway, I like what you wrote about common life experiences, because political philosophy really isn't that important in the grand scheme of interpersonal relationships. That said, I, for one, will still read your blog even if you do occassionally spout off some crazy political ideas with which I differ.

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