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Wow, those wooden rims are pretty darn cool. Do you have pics of them on the bike even though it's not painted yet?

Good stuff:-)


How about this for something cooler? I saw a 1938 Schwinn Paramount track bike on eBay the other day. Unfortuneately, it's gone now. Something like that would be the perfect wooden rim bike.

I'd be nervous about sitting my heavy self atop such beauties though. Do you know how much weight wooden wheels can take?

Greg Pitman

Yeah, I watch those old track bikes from the 20's and 30's all the time. They used a different type of wooden rim, heavier and muuch more difficult to find. These Ghisallos were probably made in the 70's, so they are actually newer than the Frejus. Surprisingly, I just found out that they are still made. If you are interested, let me know. The guy who knows about availability is a CR list member.

As far as weight capacity, I am sure that much more than 160 would be getting questionable. I am currently around 190, so my riding on these will be very limited and gentle. Since I have another set of wheels for the bike, these will be mostly used for display. And perhaps at some time in the future, I will find a more appropriate bike on which to display them.

Thanks for your comments. Can I add your blog to my list?


"Can I add your blog to my list?"

By all means, as long as I can add yours.


Great bike. I was gonna comment in the Classic Rendezvous picture post that with the possible exception of Chuck Schmidt's bikes, I would guess that many of these classics don't get ridden. That's what they were made for!


The Frejus gets ridden. But I doubt that I will ride it with the wood rims. They'll be mostly for show.

As far as the bikes at the vintage show, I'm sure that many are primarily for display. But I think their owners have other bikes they ride. While I agree that bikes are made to ride, some of those things are so old and rare that it seem to make sense to me to preserve them so that others may see them someday. I expect that no matter how old and rare a bike was, I would want to ride it occasionally, just to experience the feel. But I would be very careful about where and when I did it.

That is pretty much how it is with my gikes. My mountain bike and my '83 Peugeot PZ that I use on the rollers are thrashed. I am terrible about cleaning and caring for these two bikes, all I ever do is oil and adjust as needed. My other "showroom bikes" come out to play on dry days on very safe streets or paths.

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