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That's a toughie. My folks tried to do a good job raising me and for the most part-when I was your son's age-I followed the straight and narrow.

It's tough when you are that age-you think you are 10 feet tall, bullet proof and invisible. Not true.

My old man told me that if I was ever not comfortable in someones car (due to bad driving,DUI or whatever)-to get out and find a phone to call home for a ride- no questions asked-he'd pick me up.

Did I listen to him? Hell no. Know what? It almost cost me my life as I was a passenger in my buddies Tran-Am (remember them?) when he went off the road at high speed and took off the top part of a telephone pole with his side of the car. I made it-he didn't.

Maybe your kid can learn from my stupidity. Yeah, I know doing "donuts" is fairly tame-but sometimes you can get into situations in over your head before you know it.

I've been there-shit happens.


Most of my vehicular hijinks were in college. One night some friends and I, coming home drunk as usual, flew through a guardrail and knocked over some trees at 80-90 mph. I bit off the end of my tongue, but nobody else (out of six of us) was hurt. We were very lucky and I think we all learned our lesson (the easy way) about DUI that night. Unfortunately, these lessons are generally learned and can't often be taught, especially to 15 year olds.

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