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That's a pretty wild piece of equipment ya got there!

Our neighbor is out bar-b-queing all year round-even in January when it's snowing.

We have one of those gas grills but squirrels and chipmunks have chewed off all the fittings.



Great write up on that funky grill. Couple questions... can I invite myself over for the planked salmon? Jeus, that looks fantastic!!

And what's up with the bunny? Is he next on the menu... if so, will that be fur on or fur off?

-Me (Large Fella)

Greg Pitman

No squirrels here, just possums and raccoons. And they'd break their teeth on the ceramic fittings.

The salmon is fantastic. I make a rub and let it sit on the meat for an hour or so. Just before it goes on the grill, I make a glaze from rice vinegar, honey and soy sauce. Too bad about all the bad press on the toxicity of salmon, we'd be having this at least twice a week.

Th bunny is old Gizmo. No way I'd be able to get him on the grill. My wife and the kids would have me trussed up and turning on a rotisserie. Actually, he's a cool pet, very friendly, follows me around the yard because I pick off pieces of the basil plant and give them to him. We gave him to my wife for Mother's Day 3 years ago. The best thing about old Giz is that he doesn't like cats. It's pretty funny to watch him chase them out of the yard.

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