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Excellent pictures, thanks. BTW, "Buongiorno" = "Good Morning" in Italian. I'd love to take a spin on that Pogliaghi track tandem.


These are really amazing. While I really enjoy my two primary bikes, they are beaters compared to some of these gems.


Breath-takers all!

Greg, one question... what did the air smell like with so many beautiful steel steeds in such a small area?? Surely it must have smelled like, ...Victory.

Seriously, I can't imagine how cool it is to go to one of these events. So many styles, years of work, memories, etc... all gathered together in one open park. Just wondeerful!

Thanks for sharing.



I really wish I could get to the Cirque, in North Carolina (which is happening this weekend, I believe). I think more of the rare non-Italian bikes reside on the east coast. While I like the Colnagos, Masis, Olmos, Pogliaghis, etc., I have seen many of these bikes. The bikes that really get me excited are ones like the Flying Gate, Moorson, Thanet, which are very unusual to see here on the west coast.

Oh, and by the way, I remembered this morning the name of that bike with the unusual lugs in this post. It is called a Caminargent, I believe.

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