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My blog is public.

Anywhere from 50 to 75 people read it a day. I just write whatever comes to mind, sometimes I write stuff down at work to "blog" later.

Most of my friends read it and our 17 year old daughter reads it so I don't go *totally* off the deep end:-)

I'm fairly well known in the local cycling community as I helped found our mtbing club 5 years ago so having a public blog can be a double edged sword..........



I say go public. First off, unless you really promote the snads out of your blog you still wont get a ton of traffic per se. There are like 200 Gabazzilion blogs out there-most 'em public, most of 'em trying to get traffic thru promotion... and it still doesn't work.

The ONLY thing that put mine on the map (besides my wit, humor, amazing insight, fantastic writing stylings and charming good looks ;-] ) was the FBQ.

The FBQ has/is a double edged kinda deal... it's a labor of love and some serious work to keep up with. Now it's grown to the point where if I don't post one each day (and I haven't for nearly 10 days as I've been really busy with regular life stuff) I get a lot of email asking for more, when's the next one, who the next one should be, etc, etc.

The FBQ also leaves little time for actually posting by me/about me. So it's double edged for sure.

Concerning traffic... I was hovering around 500-900 hits per day Pre-FBQ... before I stopped posting 10 days back I was averaging 40,000 per day (YIKES!) and now it's down to around 20,000. Guess a lot of folks like readin about frame builders?!

About the threats... that's scary and reflects on the time we live in. Actually it REALLY says a lot about "challenging" people and their thought processes. I never received any threats at all until the poop hit the fan over at RBR because I had posted "my opinions" about someones new Vanilla custom and the fact that I put forth the notion that their frame may have been too small.

So in the end, I very much am of the mind that most if not all of the threats were from a select few members at RBR... which would be mostly middle-aged, white guys who make decent bread and have a thang for cycles, L.A., carbon and racing. And to get threatened from and by them is just really, really sad. It's like finding out your good neighbor was the Uni-Bomber.

Some of the shit I received in my Inbox was just hideous.



Blogging aside---how the heck is your hip????


Jane- The hip was painful when walking or climbing stairs for a couple of days. Still hurts to touch, but I rode 40 miles yesterday without any pain (in the hip, anyway). Very strange injury, I can't figure out what happened, maybe a pulled muscle, but the initial sensation was unlike anything I've previously experienced.

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