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My dad used to have a foam and mesh baseball cap, the front of which pictured a hobbled old man standing next to a curvaceous young woman in a string bikini. It said, "the best way to get over feeling old is to feel something young". Pretty classy and sophisticated, if you ask me.

Seems another way to beat the clock is to ride bikes. I hear all these stories about lifelong cyclers getting mistaken for being 10-15 years younger than they really are. But you're probably better off with the curvacous young woman in the string bikini.

Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday! Just remember birthdays are like bike rides..........It's hard to have a bad one :-)


Happy B-Day Greg!

As long as you're standing upright and sucking in O2... it's all gravy Brother.



We mostly ride our ages around here for birthdays. We went for a ride with one of our clubmates and I asked "how far we going?" When he replied "68 miles" I almost fell over, I thought he was ten years younger. Happy birthday and keep spinning.

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