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Powerful stuff.

Thanks for writing that.


What a moving tribute! My father landed in Normandy, also. Unfortunately my dad died at age 58 (the age I am now) and we didn't have many really meaningful converstations about the war.

I know quite a bit about where he was and what he did--he did payroll, etc., for an evacuation hospital--but his feelings about leaving his wife and little baby--all the emotions--I was just beginning to understand when he died.

He did become friends with a young Dutch girl and her family. Anny attended school in the building where his hospital was temporarily set up.

Anny is our dear family friend, has been to visit us in Illinois twice, and calls 3 or 4 times a year.

I hear of the war from her viewpoint--her heart full of so much gratitude to the soldiers who saved them.

God bless them--weren't they great!


Wives are great for that, aren't they? You think you know something about a family member or that you shouldn't ask but she'll ask away and you learn it.

Great post - thanks for sharing.



A great tribute including the memories of WW2 to think I was a young lad of 14 years when the war ended and I remember clearly many of those American soldiers here in the UK who made the sarifice that we may live in peace.
Doug Smith
North Dorset

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