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Good stuff.


Sorry, on my sklow connection I couldn't take the time to wait for the streaming audio. I'll take a look when I get on a faster network.

Regarding wildlife observation from a bike. The rolling tires of a bicycle seem to be a natural, or at least noot frightening, sound to wildlife. Near my house is a state park with a variety of unofficial "trails" on which I sometimes ride my bike. I used quotes around "trails" because they are only about a foot wide. I suspect that they are mostly used by deer, but probably a few tourists as well. Anyway, on these trails, I have ridden within feet of wild deer. They look at me and go back to eating, drinking, or whatever it was they were doing before I interrupted them. It's really cool.


What beautiful, peaceful, restorative music--the songs of birds. I doubt that I'd be able to listen from a bike--bad back makes that difficult. However, I do find it relaxing to sit on my front porch at dusk (we live on 2 acres 3 miles from small-town Vandalia, IL), and just listen to the distance sounds of the night. Almost always I hear a few dogs barking in the distance, muted traffic sounds from the interstate a couple of miles away, leaves rustling in the trees and the soothing breeze murmuring through our white pines.

Thank you for the reminder of NPR radio. I've always had trouble getting the signal where we live, but after listening to the Kroodsma interview, I searched out the nearest NPR. I do get a moderate signal from Southern Illnois University. Plan to listen to the radio more. I especially like Prairie Home Companion.

Have missed your blog, and quit looking; so I didn't have an opportunity to post a response to your previous blog. But there is one now.

graeme power

Hi from Australia, I was interested in the pics of the Frejus Head Badge, I am rebuilding a Frejus at the moment and have found four different kinds of Frejus Headbadge and am researching them with regards to era and style changes, including the changes in dates in lower panel, olympic band combinations, color and outer frame styling (wavy or curved) could you send me a pic and anything you know about the bike it originally came from please. your time to reply is apprecaited, ps I have had some decals (waterslide) made send me an e-mail address to communicate and I will send pics and info I have on them.
Graeme Power

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