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I am somewhat of a biker as well, but perhaps older and certainly less advanced than you. But I have fun and get some exercise, and that's what matters.



I am D.O.W.N. with what you're saying... it's getting extremely thin-aired with "Cars vs. Cycles vs. Peak Oil vs. I'm hip & better than vs. You're not as hip and down as me"-kaka that seems to be as common on "certain" blogs as the smug-hype fixed gear riders generally are all bloated up about.

The shit IS super-boring and as redundant as a circle.

Between what you mention in your latest post and the shit I've taken from that cockweed over his Vanilla... I'm about 2 inches away from deleting my blog, canceling my account and calling it a day.

PS. You know, I can dig the whole "I'm 27 or 28 years old and I'm smart (so I think at least) and I [think] I'm on top of my game" thing... but being 41 and looking at that attitude... I find it hard-really hard-to not either-
a. Gnash my teeth at the spew such a limited life experience garners
b. Laugh my ass off until I cry... at the depth of stupidity involved
c. Want to stick my pump into someones spokes while they're going downhill rather quickly.



Have been worried about you, Greg. Know you've been following the Tour--that's done Sunday, right?

(Incidentally, I enjoyed the story on the Canopy Crane. Somehow it seemed peaceful.)

Well a rant is better than "nothing at all." At least I know you are still there.

Remember I grew up in the 60's and 70's too. I can remember my Grandmother (born 1883) asking "What's the world coming to?" Then I remember my Mother (born 1915) quoting Grandma. Now I am saying the same too.

Guess we are all just "going to hell in a handbasket."

Never-the-less, as you say, we're all in this together, and we do need to work together to *try* to solve the Peak Oil problem, etc.,etc.---and lots of others.

Yes, you are right--life does seem to be facing one problem after another. Let's, you and I, pick out a few worthy research projects to back---do what ever we can to help.

You know, I think these kids I blog with really do need some life-experienced input. But, of course, they are like we were in the 70's--pretty confident we had all the solutions.

Good luck with the house (it's a stressful time) and I've been looking forward to your post about Colorado!



I hear what you're saying.

Sometimes I'd like to be carless-but there ain't no way it's gonna happen.

I like reading some of those blogs where folks try to do it all on a bike. Yeah, sometimes they piss me off, but I just go to the next website when that happens :-)


Hey Greg. Sorry you won't be reading my blog anymore. I always appreciated your insightful comments. Same goes for you Scott.


Wow, I go on vacation and I miss all this?

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