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Thanks for the kind response to my comment.

While it is true that my blog does have a fair number of readers, only a handful provide thoughtful and/or interesting commentary on a semi-regular basis. You are/were one of them. So it is true that I will miss your contributions if you quit reading and responding once in awhile.

Regarding Fresh Air, I guess I probably don't agree with the host's politics all that often myself. But I never really noticed I guess, as I only listen to that show when she has guests who I enjoy, and they overshadow her personal opinions.

I don't think words like "liberal" and "conservative" are terribly useful because it is usually impossible to categorize most people as either (contrary to what we see and hear in the media). For instance, I own more guns than 99.9% of the population and have belonged to the NRA off and on over the years. But I'd also like to see universal health care paid for by reducing the military budget. So am I a liberal or a conservative? You tell me. I could list about 100 more contradictions in my political philosophies. Frankly, I'm pretty sure that those labels are no more than symbols for how "they" want us to think. It's politically advantageous to divide people, after all. It's as if political affiliation and belief is the most important characteristic of a person. I might meet a person with whom I hit it off and share similar interests. Does it make sense to cut that person out of my life if I find out s/he voted for the other side? I wouldn't have any friends if that was the case. Come to think of it...

As for the oil issue, whatever happens or doesn't happen will not favor those of a certain political affiliation. As I've said or implied in my blog before, wasteful consumption is practiced roughly equally by people no matter which stickers adorn their cars.

If you quit reading my blog, I understand. But if you come back to it someday, you can just do what most of my readers do, just shake your head and move on. Or we could argue. I always find arguing therapeutic when it's intelligent and not personal.

Take it easy.

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