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For one of the sports columnists in my local paper the cycling enthusiasm can't stop soon enough.

"A few things: It is exciting that Lance Armstrong won his seventh straight Tour de France. It's especially exciting that he's retiring from cycling. Now maybe there will be fewer bicyclists crowding our streets and ignoring the rules of the road."




What can one say.

How sad.

And this guy is into "sports", right?

Yeah, right.


Same paper, different columnist today:

"But will the streets of St. Paul and Minneapolis quiet down? I doubt it. Driving will remain harrowing, what with the new pedestrian laws and the new law that will allow young people to use the streets on little mechanized scooters and, of course, the hordes of uniformed bicycle riders who ignore the traffic laws because they are in training to become the next Lance Armstrong and cannot be bothered with trivial matters such as red lights.

"The honest bicycle riders out there — and, yes, there must be a few — will admit it. They think exactly the same thing when they are driving their SUVs. Lance Armstrong has created a monster of road-hogging hero worshippers. Look out."


Nice how he implies honest cyclists all drive SUVs.

Think it's finally time to cancel my subscription.

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