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Well, Happy Anniversary on the 23rd! My husband and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary August 20th---*child bride!*

Don't know if "Grizzly Man" will make it to our little downtown theater. Sounds like a thriller.

Hope to see some pictures of that new house!


Oh my God, 38 years. Congratulations seems too puny a word for that.

Don't know if I made it clear that "Grizzly Man" is a documentary. So it is a true story, which makes it all the more amazing. We have been talking about the movie, off and on, all day. To me, that is the mark of a good film.

I have taken pictures of the house, and there have been a bunch of developments on that topic. I have been intending to post about it, but we have been scrambling to get ready to make the first of TWO moves next weekend.


Moving isn't easy. When we built the house we are in now, we had to rent a house for 1 month because the new one wasn't done, and we had to give possession of the old one.

Moving twice--yuck. And, it was September, and school was starting, and I had a lot of teaching responsibilities that year. Our son went back to school at Rolla, MO, and our daughter lived that month with her grandmother.

Well, we did survive---and we are still married. I'm not as ancient as the 38 years makes me sound. I was only 20 when I said "I do."

Enough of me. Be careful, calm and patient when you are moving, and I will wait patiently for the house pictures.

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