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One way or another, war is hell.

... How original of me to say that. Oh well ...


My great Uncle served in WW II in the pacific theater. He always said that the Japanese would have fought to the last man.


You are absolutely correct. It took a warning, and TWO bombs to make believers out of the Japanese.

Now what the heck are we going to do to get out of Iraq??



Speaking of blogs that border on the absurd... I see that Jim was indirectly quoting you over at his Dig-Me-A-Thon blog. Apparently he's run out of stories that wrap him in gold leaf or make mention of his prowess as a cyclist, wordsmith, professional arguer (is that a word?), free-flowing child of spouting insults to strangers on bikes and/or in cars, and has returned to his endless Peak Oil loop.

Poor boy, hope he finds some time in his day to spend with his kid. It's like he lives his days as a backstory to be able to get home so he can write some hank in his blog.

Anyway, I stirred the pot, which I'm sure will give him at least four more days of content to vomit on about.

Concerning WWII and all that... if those Japanese had only read Peak Oil and eaten more deer... it coulda saved them from being bombed.

-Me (drinking fresh tomato juice with a nice pour of self-rightiousness thrown in for good measure) ;-]


Scott, it is now clear that you have developed a severe disliking of me without ever having met me. Now you're using the comments sections on other unrelated blogs to trash me??? Is it possible that some protein in your diet would help you see how pathetic this is? Perhaps you should crawl back into your own personal pit of despair and come back out only when you can think of something nice to say. I've never written anything bad about you, at least not intentionally. And I certainly wouldn't try to ally other bloggers to my sad anti-Scott cause if I did. I'm done talking to you until you can show you have something constructive to say. I know your intelligence and wit go beyond your inexplicable bitterness that you have recently directed in my direction.

Anyway, the comment I originally intended to leave here follows:

I love to read blogs. Some blogs are boring, and are no more than a diary of a rather typical, mundane life. These give the reader voyeuristic pleasure, perhaps, but no real insight on anything of relevance in the larger world. Other blogs serve as the writer's mouthpiece for airing his opinions on politics, bicycles, or music, etc. The beauty of the system is that the opinions are widely varied, and often you'd never even know they existed unless you read some of these blogs. It makes us better thinkers if we are occassionally exposed to ideas that seem so "absurd", to borrow Scott's terminology. I used to read this one blog written by a nationally-known political journalist. His articles weren't terribly interesting most of the time, but I used to go round and round with one of the other commenters, often completely off the topic of the original post. In our arguments, we developed a weird sort of internet friendship and a sick co-dependence. Her views were so completely opposite of mine, it was a real educational experience to argue with her. After a few months of this, it helped me to see a human face on the other side of the debate (even though I never actually saw the other commenter's face). Anyway, there's a lot to disagree with out there, and a lot to agree with.


Jim and Scott,
Listen, I'm sorry about what you guys are saying to each other BUT I gotta tell you that this little repartee just had me laughing harder than I've laughed in a while. I haven't done much of that lately, being in the midst of one of the most stressful experiences of my life. So, thanks for that, anyway.

I attribute it to your age that you are able to read some of this garbage and not be disturbed. Obviously, I take it all too seriously, most likely because of MY age. I don't mind discussions with people on the opposite sides of my views. What I was talking about in this post is folks using the internet and their blogs to deceive people into believing their rewrite of history. It's wrong, and apparently there are a lot of people out there willing to buy into this stuff.

How long before we start seeing Hitler apologists? Maybe a condemnation of the Allies for invading Normandy? I don't like this. This is modern history, there's no way this should be happening. There are folks still alive who lived through it. What an insult to their courage and sacrifice.

I start seeing evil intent behind it. I start suspecting that there are people trying to destroy the spirit of this country.

So you see, I feel you missed my point. As I feel my point was missed in my comment on your blog. I'm willing to take responsibility for that, sometimes I'm not sure how to express my feelings, even as I start writing.


I think I see your point here, and earlier on my blog Greg. Or maybe not. But I'm trying.

Just to play the devil's advocate, I'd welcome a rational, well-spoken Hitler apologist because it would allow me to sharpen my own opinions and understandings of history. I've found that I never really knew what I thought about certain topics until I was prompted to pursue an intelligent argument on the topic. It's sort of like teaching - I may understand something backwards and forwards, but when I try to teach it to someone else, the flaws in my knowledge quickly become obvious. I aspire to take these opportunities to strengthen my argument, such that I am more confident in the case I am making. Without dissent, I go around thinking I'm pretty smart and that all smart people necessarily agree with me.

I will always favor the blogosphere writing history over letting politicians do it. Sure, there's a lot of BS out there, but the free exchange of ideas usually allows the cream to rise to the top, while the BS sinks under its own weight.



Well at least Jesus loves me.

Errr, last time we spoke he said he did anyway.



By the way...

Might I suggest a "BlogFight"?

You have the whole west coast/east coast rap thing, boxers vs. briefs, McDonald's & Burger King thing... perhaps it's time for the 1st Annual BlogFight?

Just like Breakdance Fighting in Zoolander... I think BlogFighting might be the wave of the future.

Design, creative posts, insults and more... judged by a group of our peers.

Whadaya say you Sinead O'Connor looking bastard? Wanna go at it? You got enuff gusto behind those man-boobs and inverted nipples? Huh?? HUH?? Yeah, I'm talking at cha...

I'm right here Bra... bring it. Bring it all. Let it rain baby.

I'll shred you. Spit you out like last weeks Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. I'll beat you until your hair grows out and into a Twin Cities-style Mullet. I'll beat you until your nipples stop hiding.

I will bring the Fist Of Heaven down on you child... the Finger Of God will touch your brisket bone. You will taste the dark, bitter ozone of pain while sipping from the silver Chalace Of Fear. I will consume you like Elizabeth Taylor consumes chicken legs. I will laugh heartily as you weep at my feet. You will walk on all fours in my presence... do you understand the darkness I will bring forth onto thou?

You will be my biotch for eternity.



Nasty, nasty. You all need a referee!

Lunatic biker

I'm the king of drivel. But I do like your blog. I love pictures.


Wow Scott, I think I'm gonna try that diet.

Lunatic Biker wrote:
"I'm the king of drivel. But I do like your blog. I love pictures."

LB, I hope you are kidding, and understand that the drivel I was originally speaking of was lying drivel.

As far as the more mundane stuff that goes on in blogging, I have no problem with that. I enjoy reading your blog. Much of the stuff I write about is interesting only to me, I understand that. Most blogs just seem to be a sort of diary that anyone can read if they are so inclined.

But posts like this one sure do bring out the comments. Anything that borders on the political gets everyone stirred up in some way.

I think I'll do one on religion. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. That should get everyone going.

Jane, you are the voice of reason, and all this that has been going on has diverted me from commenting back on your Iraq question. Now I'm too scared to address that. I'm sure my opinion would alienate everyone.


I get my mojo from beans Chachi... pure protein!!


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