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I've been checking once in awhile, and was just about to send an e-mail to ask if you had lost your mind yet.

Ah, ha, I do so remember our days in "limbo land." Our stuff was in my mother's garage, the rental house's walk out basement, and we rather "camped out" in the house. Didn't bother to bring in and hook up the stove--used the microwave and sometimes an electric skillet.

Even the dog felt insecure--had to sleep right outside the bedroom door. Walking him was rather scarey--the neighbors just let their dogs out the door to run in the mornings. And, they weren't small dogs!

I'll never forget that house. The stairway was a "corkscrew" to two upstairs bedrooms with no headroom. In one corner of the stairs, I could stand with my head touching the ceiling (am 5'3"). My 6 foot husband and my 6 foot son avoided it as much as possible.

Unfortunately the only full bath was upstairs, so it couldn't be avoided altogether.

The downstairs bathroom was so small one nearly had to back in to use the facilities.

Rick and I set up our bedroom in the dining room downstairs. And as I mentioned before, our daughter moved in with Grandma, and our son had left for Univ. of MO, Rolla. He tries to deny the house ever existed.

We were there about 1 hectic month before our second move.

Hang in there. The frustrations you may have now will likely be funny a year from now.



This can't be easy for you. The process is difficult enough without this unstable interlude. Good luck.

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