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1962 Ford Falcon? Way, way, WAY cool car.

I learned to drive on a 1960 Falcon with the mighty 170 cubic inch engine.


Glad to hear and see you're hanging in there!

Beautiful car... where on the east coast, Florida? Amazing to see a car looking that beautiful from anywhere other than Cali or Arizona.




Hey, glad to hear from you! Was beginning to worry.

Oh, I remember those last days of building----trying to get the attention of a contractor who had started another project. I still seethe!

I agree with George and Scott--fantastic car! "Where were you in "62"? How did you find it?? I remember driving a pretty hot '64 Buick Wildcat. Now that car had power!

We just bought an '06' Ford wagon, and love it! (You can tell I'm not 18 anymore!)

Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe you'll be having Christmas celebrations in the new house.


The car is still in Delaware. I bought it on E-Bay. The seller has been very nice but wouldn't drive it to the shipping depot in Bristol, PA, so I'm paying a bit more than I anticipated for shipping. Really looking forward to seeing it.

The house situation is getting down to the wire. The builder is now scrambling to get the houses closed before '06. Believe it or not, they want to close a day or two before Christmas. No way. So I'm having regular fits with everyone involved. Very unhealthy for me, I'm sure.

Another post soon, I hope.

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