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I hear you. They've taken the joy of beuying a new house and replaced it with frustration. Please don't shoot yourself in the foot though.


When we moved into our current house, the folks that lived here before us were supposed to be moved out of the house on the day of selltlement. That morning we arrived to do a walk through and they were still there. We refused to sign anything until they were out of the house and we could check things out. It REALLY pissed alot of people off because someone had to come up with 100,000 bucks that day so they could put a deposit on their new house. All I know is it wasn't OUR 100,000 bucks.

My advice? When you do the walk through, jerk and I mean JERK their chains with every detail you can find wrong. Get the blueprints if possible and measure stuff, make sure the proper grade of materials are used, etc, etc and just be a total pain in the ass. Refuse to sign off on the house until you are happy with it and it is EXCACTLY the way it's supposed to be. You are paying the bill-you are the customer.

I'm not saying you should be an ass, heck, it will probably piss them off even more if you are really nice.

You have to make stress work for you not against you:-)


OK, first post I've read, so I'm not getting all of the history.

Not sure I've ever heard of a house-buying experience that was nice. So, what you need to do is decide if you still want the house. If so, six months from now you will have forgotten these problems, or will be laughing about them. If you don't want it anymore, take the deal.

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