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Ah, she's trying her rebellious little wings. I guess there will be a fall, and you will be there to help her up and not rub it in.


Gosh Greg, tie a knot in the rope and hang on! I think Anvilcloud is probably right. I'll be thinking of you.



We have an 18 year old daughter and I can't even imagine what you and your wife are feeling right now.

Our daughter is headed off to college this year and we are already having seperation anxiety.

Hang tough and make sure you are there for her as a safety net.

Nobody ever said being a parent was easy:-)


My son got a book of Robert Frost poems for his sixth birthday last December and it's his favorite book. We read one pret' near every night, sometimes talking about it after and sometimes not. He's good...

My daughter just turned four - please stop scaring me. ;) Best of luck to your whole family.




Yikes, what the fuck happened friend... first a move, and then problem after problem with the new crib, and now this...

Did you not pay up on your Good Karma dues?

Shit will work out, eventually. She's gonna need you sooner or later, tis a cold place out back... the World, that is.

As long as this isn't about some dude named "Sweet Dick Willy" or drugs or juice... if that's the case, time to don the camo face paint, coordinate watches and move in on your command [Victor, Victor, Charlie, Alpha, Bravo, Tango].

Outside of that... just be there for "The Fall"... because there will be a "Fall".

Peace & Popcicles-


PS... you need to hang [and I do mean this seriously] please email me. If you want to talk, let me know and I'll call you.

Stay Strong Brother.


Make that six people now who are reading your blog. :)
You know they say if you give your children a strong foundation...no matter the house they choose to build on it ....it will sustain them. ( actually THEY don't say that...I just made it up) ;)...but it sounds cool, eh?
Anyway, just hang in there, you'll turn around one day and 'poof' there she'll be..the loving daughter you raised.....honest:)God Bless.


I too love Robert Frost. One of my favorites is "The Vantage Point"

Hang in there about your daughter - my youngest moved out in October. It has been hard on us too.


Hang in there buddy.


I'm a bit closer to your daughter's age than your age, so maybe my perspective is different. My Dad had me move out on my 18th birthday because he wanted me to be on my own, to learn about some of the difficulties of semi-adult life. I thought then, and continue to believe now, that it was a good idea he had, booting me out of the nest. Four months working in a dirty, physically demanding job for minimal pay whet my appetite for college in the fall. Maybe it's different with sons than it is with daughters. Surely your daughter has made and will continue to make some mistakes, but that's part of the whole process of becoming her own person, and something we all go through (or should). At this point, there's not much you can do or say except that these are her mistakes to make, and her life is her own responsibility. Most people, I think, go through a period of separating from the parents, only to find themselves a few years later more like their parents than they ever wanted to be.


I just found you from looking up help, My stepdaughter will be 18 tomarrow and has let us know last night that she is moving out, before she starts her senior year, and she moving nearly 2 hours away. Needless to say I have been up all night worrying, feeling sick, and helpless. Nothing we can say, she says she has it all figured out. This is definatly hard. How is your story working, your daughter?

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