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What an absolutely delightful posting! I savored each picture in full-screen, and could almost breathe the fragrance. Nice photography, Greg.

I meant to comment on your music blog from earlier this month. (I must have been involved in the end of Spring Semester.)

I just bought "Taking the Long Way" by the Dixie Chicks and am really enjoying it. I'm finding I am more electic in music appreciation as I age.

Have you heard any of Paul Simon's "Surprise"? If you have, what do you think of it?

So glad you're writing again.


Somewhere I did read a review of Paul Simon's new CD and have been meaning to give it a listen. Do you have it? What kind of music is it? I was a big fan of his for many years, but when he got so involved in African music, he lost me. The last album of his that I was crazy about was "Graceland".


I have liked Simon and Garfunkel from the beginning. Actually saw their performance at Eastern IL Univ when I attended years ago.

I agree with you that Simon got quite a bit sidetracked with the African stuff. I don't have this new album, but know it got good reviews.

The only song from it I have heard Is "How Can You Live in the Northeast?" Simon was on Leno, and the sound mix was so unbalanced toward the accompaniment that it was difficult to understand the words.

I've since read them on line and it appears Paul has returned to his message songs.

Will probably hunt a site where I can hear a few more tunes from it before I buy it.


beautiful images

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